Through the Hedge

I was thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge while having a wander round the village earlier and when I saw some Rhododendron flowers through the hedge I thought they’d be good for a picture with a frame of leaves. I did also wonder to myself, why are these Rhododendrons flowering now – they usually flower in May! Then I started peering through all the gaps in the various hedgerows to see what I could see … First the church: Then a mother cow having a rest: Mother and calf this time – you can’t see very well but this was also…


Becoming a Rare Sight

It seems that butterflies are are becoming a rarer sight around my garden this summer. But last weekend I was pleased to see a nice variety of butterflies for a change. No Small Tortoiseshells though. This weekend the weather has gone downhill again, with wind and rain, so no chance of butterflies today I think.


The Foot-High Club

Taking a break from finishing off the photos from Compton Acres today to bring you a pair of Dragonflies mating in mid-air. Quite tricky to photograph but I’m pleased to have got some half-decent shots.  Rather than joining the mile-high club as is the phrase with such activities on an aeroplane, these guys are joining the foot-high club as they stayed near the water’s surface.


Here Be Dragons

I mentioned in the previous post that I’d seen some Dragonflies on my wanderings and here they are… Back home I spotted this Common Darter by the pond last Thursday. At first I was disappointed as I didn’t see any Dragons, but then I managed to spot this one and get a couple of shots. I also managed to get a couple of shots of this big chap (a Golden-Ringed Dragonfly) who was being very elusive and flying off long distances when I crept up on him. I spent quite some time stalking him before admitting defeat. These are the…


A Narrow Perch

Yesterday in a break in the weather I had a potter around to see what I could see. There were dragonflies out and about (more of that another day) but also something much smaller and less showy – these little Common Green Shieldbugs. If you’re familiar with Shieldbugs you might think these look a little odd, and that’s because they’re not the adult version – these are nymphs. I think these ones are 3rd instar nymphs. Basically what happens is they hatch out of their eggs as 1st instar nymphs and go through several moults, getting larger and more Shieldbug-shaped though…


A Lack of Fluttering

Is it just me or is there a bit of a lack of butterflies this year in the UK? Our Buddleia is blooming, and yet there are hardly any butterflies around. Perhaps it’s the weather – not especially warm and certainly not very sunny at present. It seems to be a mainly damp summer with occasional spells of good weather for a couple of days at a time. Usually once the Buddleia is flowering there would be Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshells, Painted Ladies, and Commas around, but I haven’t seen any in the garden. All I’ve seen recently are Ringlets,…