A Lack of Fluttering

Is it just me or is there a bit of a lack of butterflies this year in the UK? Our Buddleia is blooming, and yet there are hardly any butterflies around. Perhaps it’s the weather – not especially warm and certainly not very sunny at present. It seems to be a mainly damp summer with occasional spells of good weather for a couple of days at a time. Usually once the Buddleia is flowering there would be Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshells, Painted Ladies, and Commas around, but I haven’t seen any in the garden. All I’ve seen recently are Ringlets,…


Moths in the Garden

I discovered by chance today that it is National Moth Week at the moment. This seems to be an event mainly focused in the US but it has spread and there are various events across the globe. This made me think of the other day when I saw a moth I had never seen before! So here is that moth, and a couple of others that I recently spotted in my garden, in celebration of Moth Week.


Cherry (or Potato) on Top

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Cherry on Top’. In my case the cherry is a potato … kind of…  The reason my cherry is a potato is because I was taking photos of pretty Mallow flowers, when I realised that not only did I have a pretty flower in my sights but there was also an interesting little bug, and when I looked it up, it looks like it’s called a ‘Potato Capsid’.



It’s been a while! Sorry to regular readers. I went down with some kind of virus and wasn’t up to much for about 10 days, which seemed to trigger more anxiety than usual, and then going back to work this last week has been exhausting. To top it off I had to have my last remaining wisdom tooth pulled out yesterday so it hasn’t been the best of times lately. However, things are on the up now. I have a sore mouth but am otherwise feeling a lot better. So I thought I’d have a look at the Weekly Photo…



I was looking through recent photos thinking about what would be suitable for this week’s photo challenge and it was going to be all about insects but then I realised I had some perfect examples of partnership in photos of my daughter, Abi, riding. The partnership between the rider and the horse is essential to get from A to B or to get the horse to jump the jump, or follow the instructions in a Dressage test. Abi doesn’t have her own horse (much to her sadness, but my purse is not large enough!) but she partners with every horse…


To Bee or not to Bee

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear this was a Bumblebee… what about you? The trick to telling that this is not a bee is to look at his eyes. See how big they are? That’s because he’s not a bee, he’s a Hoverfly. Specifically the Bumble Bee mimicking Hoverfly, Volucella bombylans. Even more specifically, if you like that kind of thing (I do!) he’s a Volucella bombylans var. plumata – this type has a white tail, mimicking the White-tailed Bumble Bee (Bombus lucorum) and the Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris). Now this is a real Bumblebee. A slightly dopey one that had stopped…


Pure Joy

Apart from my garden and the village pond, I think the place I most find my joy is at Cors Caron Nature Reserve. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and full of life. There’s a feeling of pure joy just to stroll slowly in the quiet, watching insects and birds, and even lizards.


Fresh Dragon

I’ve been excited to find fresh damsels emerging lately but yesterday I hit the jackpot! I was wandering round the village pond seeing what I could see when I stumbled upon this little lady (at least as far as I can tell, it’s female). I was so excited! As she developed I worked out that she was a Broad-Bodied Chaser, though at first it was hard to tell. So here she is when I first spotted her at about 9:15am (according to the time recorded by my camera). Here she is at 9:40am. The veins in her wings are more…


A Streak of Green

Today I spotted a butterfly I’ve not seen before. I went for a walk at Cors Caron nature reserve and while passing a Bilberry patch I noticed these little green butterflies fluttering about. It turns out they are called ‘Green Hairstreak’ butterflies. They seemed to be very interested in the Bilberry flowers, and each other. This was my best shot: The butterflies seemed to spend a lot of their time the other way up though, to get to the nectar in the Bilberry flowers. Looks like I’ve accidentally flipped the image! And there was some spring fever going on too!