Wasting Time

in my own head
empty hours
stretch out
before me
as i realise
i have
no idea

by indecision
sat in a car park
about thinking
about what i could be

wasting it
squandering it
making a drama out of it
and still i sit
as cars come
and go

7 Replies to “Wasting Time”

  1. Also enjoy the text-flow-art… but the words are touching as well. Was at a concert and the singer said that “as long he get’s a song text out of something it’s a draw”.
    I don’t know if you were truly wasting time, or if this only in this poem… but the poem would make wasted time to time well used, to think.


    1. I should try and remember that when I’m fretting about what to do with my free time. I’m unaccustomed to it, which is the problem I think. I feel I should fill it with things, but sometimes just being quiet and thinking or resting is what I need.


    1. Yes it is when the kids are at their dad’s when it gets me. I long for free time but when I get it I don’t know what to do with it and feel lost without the structure children bring to the days.


      1. Sometimes other parents I know say to me when my children are away “Oh you are so lucky to have all that freedom!”

        How do I tell them it isn’t freedom it is hell?

        It is better now that I have picked up hobbies and volunteered a few places. Gets me off my ass and out the door on days when I would just lie and bed and stare at the ceiling making faces out of the cracks and lines in the paint…


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