I think I pulled it off
I think I had them fooled
I managed to act normal
Like I wasn’t a raving loon
And for a while there I really was
Pretty normal
I put on my blue dress
I straightened my hair
I wore sparkly shoes
I smiled and laughed
And even danced and sang
And it seemed as though I was
Just a girl at a wedding party
And it wasn’t such a painful thing
To celebrate someone else’s love
Despite my lack of anyone
Who really loves me
I may have even fooled myself
Or perhaps I really am just normal
Just normal fucked up me
A bit like normal fucked up
Everyone else

2 Replies to “Fooled”

  1. The way you opened the poem up reminds me of the middle part of Jerry Spinelli’s “Star Girl.” She had them fooled, acting normal. But once I read through the rest of your poem, I saw how much different this was. How much more painful this is… Those last couple of lines says a lot about most of us. This is a beautiful write.


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