Storm Tossed

I remember this day
standing staring out to sea
wind tearing words out of my mouth
making it hard to tell what was tears
and what was just my eyes watering

Nearly Christmas, 3 years back
left the office in a rush of emotion
my mind a flurry of thoughts and fears
wondering if life could go on like this
trying to see a way out

I didn’t know it then
but my strength was building
and freedom was beckoning to me
I just had to see that I could take its hand
and step away into the unknown

I stood and stared at the ocean
the waves crashing on the pebbly beach
relentlessly, continually, for ever more
and breathed in the sea spray
with its wild and untamed scent

I didn’t know
I couldn’t see
But soon I would

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I really like this poem! It is a smooth read with excellent flow and so full of emotion. The contrast between the tiny human and the vast ocean is wonderfully powerful.

    And your last stanza brings it all home so nicely. Wrapped up and complete as a poem – and waiting to move forward on the journey of life…


  2. There’s something so primal about the ocean so it’s a great place to go to process raw emotions. The time shifting elements in the poem act like the tide, going from that day 3 years ago to today then back. Very nice.


    1. Thanks David. I hadn’t even realised I’d reflected the tide in there. The sea is my go to place for deep thoughts – I’m lucky enough to live nearby.


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