the science of emotion

my emotions can be graded in a scientific way

by measuring the volume of my tears
by timing the length of their falling
by assessing the redness of my eyes
by counting the number of tissues

by observing the frantic catching of breath between sobs and noting how little I care that snot is dripping off my nose

you might create a rating system
and put me in a colour coded spreadsheet
ordered from tsunami
down to storm in a teacup
and everything in between

but if you are unable to be here with me
please read my words
and read between my words
and read around my words
and read the tear stains
and the pauses for breath
and read the words that I am not saying
and read the words that I cannot find

read me and weep with me
as I read you and weep with you




As people like this poem a lot I selected it to be featured on my blog’s page at Poetry Blogs.

11 Replies to “the science of emotion”

  1. Heh. Storm in a teacup. Delicious.

    (Or, well, I am not implying that a mixture of boogers and tears in a teacup would be delicious to drink, but the image is. YouknowwhatImean!)


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