I really should stop blabbering on
I tell myself
As I write another poem
About telling myself
To stop blabbering on

It’s time I went to bed

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

6 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. This poem is rather meta-poetic 🙂
    Poet watching the poem speaking to the poet…

    Goodnight! You must be over in Europe if it is night time 🙂
    Just dinner time here in the middle of North America


    1. Don’t set me off on the time-mind-bending again! 🙂 Enjoy your dinner while I sleep (are you having pie? hahaha). My morning will be your middle of the night I imagine … a brain could seriously overheat here. Goodnight/evening/whatever it is!

      [And yes, Europe – more specifically the UK]


      1. Yes your morning would be somewhere around 3AM my time (depending on how early you need to get up!)
        And sadly no pie to be had in this household – so I get dinner and no dessert. And I still get to do clean-up!
        If you ever happen to wander by this way drop by for dinner! (That would be random!)
        And a Goodnight to you – and most likely Good Morning by the time you read this.


  2. Life story! I can never drag myself away from the laptop to go to bed. And then can never drag myself out of bed in a morning. I think being at least a little bit nocturnal is just part of the package when it comes to be a writer/artist/generally-creative-artistic-person


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