If I was not alone …

[poetry written after reading Leonard Cohen in the morning, sitting alone in bed … so blame him]

If I was not alone
This day would not seem so endless
Instead it would seem far too short
To fit in all that we could do

If I was not alone
We’d stay enclosed together
Warm covers comfortably concealing
Our bodies lying skin on skin

If I was not alone
There wouldn’t be this silence
It would be filled with hissing breath
And whispered words of wonder

If I was not alone
My mouth would not be empty
My hands would not be cold and still
The fire would be ignited

If I was not alone
The fire we stoked would smoulder
Even through the drifting day
While clocks hands spin the hours away

If I was not alone
I would not sit here writing words
I would move flesh on sizzling flesh
Instead of ink on paper

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Zowie! This is poetry the way I would wish to write poetry! Holy Holy! Is all I can say
    You have taken my breath away with the beauty of your words and the emotions trapped inside the words…


    1. Aw you are too too kind. Thank you
      You don’t need to wish to write in any different way – you are already a wizard of weaving words, dear Merlin x


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