Fear and Fighting Fear


fear sends icy tendrils
through veins and arteries
chilling the once warm heart
making hands shake and quiver

it twists around like ivy
slowly climbing up skin
roots burrowing into flesh
smothering hope and stealing joy

blood drains out to slickly pool
on the hard and frozen ground
face fades into palest white
eyes stare blindly out

empty shell of terror where
what-ifs flap like taunting bats
round head, tangled in hair
nipping, biting at wan cheeks

time slows, movement ceases
last hiss of breath then silence
life ebbs away with slowing beat
of the core, fear-strangled

Fighting Fear

holding on
frozen fingers
clinging to the edge

beat restarts
breath sucked back in
never letting go

ivy roots
ripped and torn out
cannot smother me

warm arms wrap
around cold flesh
skin on skin heat shared

fear retreats
shrunk back to size
overcome once more

standing tall and standing strong
bravely facing, come what may

I will NOT let you win

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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