Music is not a strong enough word

when darkness rages cross the sky
responsibilities abated
I let slip my grip
on being “normal”
I close my eyes and lose myself in sounds
of melodies of hearts and souls
and time slows and bows
and warps and slides
and my mind glides away
washed with emotions evoked
drenched with passions explored
body moving to music’s pulse
lost to this other world
climbing into a song
like I can somehow enter it, become one
absorbed and saturated
heavy with this heavenly

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

9 thoughts on “Music is not a strong enough word

    1. She was blue But I didn’t like it and something happened now she is brighter less blue I didn’t mean it to happen but happy it did hope that helps with your question Mr Trent, Hope you are well?


      1. Well thanks Bruce for the response. Something happened, isn’t that a Heller novel? A lot can be contained in those two words. I am well here in freezing frickin Canada, how about you over there?


      2. Aren’t you two having a lovely chat in my comments 🙂 My contribution is that it’s chilly and damp in Wales, and getting dark earlier, which would be depressing if I wasn’t as happy as I am 😀


    2. Thank you Trent. Bruce is quite right, something happened. It was a something rather Bruce-shaped and my colours changed. However I do still love the colour blue, if not the feeling, so I’ll stay Blue Girl for now. I’m enjoying thinking of myself as blue tinged with gold now.


      1. Ah, you guys are cute and are giving me fuzzy feelings and the like. Can the world really absorb a couple with such talent? Time will tell.


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