this greyness of day
and early dark
fallen back
upon us
the price
we pay
for the beauty
of leaves aflame

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


      1. I know what you mean. I just love the spookiness of fall. Love the early darkening, the forests and the cool wind, the shadows, all that stuff. But I don’t much like winter either, and here we go through months of it under burial mounds of snow and bone-chilling cold. Never know if your call will start in the morning. I guess from a positive side it makes the spring that much the better. Seriously, we Canadians basically hibernate, and yes, we do eat a bit like bears.


      1. now this is weird: my last comment was premised with a ‘tag’ (as in the game) but I put it in ‘greater’ and ‘less than’ marks, which turned it into code (I didn’t think comments boxes took code) so it didn’t appear visible in your comment … but you played the game anyway.   I’m sorry, these things make me over-excited.   I hope you don’t mind, if this comment is filled with gobbledegook these comment boxes are not as exciting as I thought.

        Re: your reply, yes, do wait until daytime, no good ever came of running about in the night


      2. Ah that’ll be the HTML stealing your words … this would work I suspect <tag> (though if it doesn’t it will look a little odd).

        It is already daytime, but I am at work and meant to be working … but lunch time will be along shortly, and then there will be running.


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