this love is

this love is more
so much more
than just mere puff
of romantic words
written lazily without
substance and reality

this love is made
of heart and soul
with solidity and
through every thread

this love is full
of truth and hope
no empty promises
or made up dreams
but warm sincerity
and unfeigned care

this love is shown
with actions that match
the spoken words
with efforts of will
the feeling clearly

this love is new
and turns the past
to dusty memoirs
as trust is built
and honesty burns
like a cosy winter fire

this love is returned
in full measure
hearts given fully
and given back in turn
beating raw hurting hearts
not empty pretty shells

this love is standing
through tests and trials
becoming a triumph
lessons learned
from past mistakes
future brightly beckoning

this love is REAL

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Sue,
    Really enjoyed this one. I particularly liked the lines:
    “beating raw hurting hearts
    not empty pretty shells”

    Openness that’s much needed but often lacking in relationship I’m afraid…




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