the darkness
not quite gone
in corners and back alleys
awaiting its chance
to pounce

but this
blazing with flames
holds it off
each thought of
destroyed by the light

and poetry
a heady mix
stealing breath
simmering warmth
and burning off
these obsidian icicles

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


      1. Well Blue-zy, I dunno. I’m swamped with work and family and the like. I don’t get half a minute edgewise to do anything but read other people’s stuff here and there, and then only people whose stuff I like (like you).


      2. Ah, life can get so busy. Hope you find some more time to write soon. I am touched that my stuff is in the ‘stuff you like’ category. Ditto. Will keep my eye on your blog in case you find some spare time hiding somewhere in the back of a drawer or behind a sofa cushion.


  1. I watched an SNL sketch about chandeliers recently and have been unable to take them seriously up until now until I read this. The three parts to this – malingering darkness, the fighting light and the pay off with obsidian icicles was magnificent. Icicles will no longer be merely known as that in my lexicon anymore, from this day forth they will forever be known as frozen and obsidian!


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