time warps and bends

   like a runaway train
      it careers down the track
         whipping words from my lips
            and the breath from my lungs

there is no time left
for planning and shopping
and Christmas is piling on top of my head

 and yet

   a sloth
     it is
 i n c h i n g
   along a branch
   and very

time acts to spite me
and days seem so endless
waiting and waiting to hold you again

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

10 thoughts on “time

  1. ‘like a runaway train, it careers down the track, whipping words from my lips, and the breath from my lungs’ I really love those lines Suzy! A good feeling on how time, or the lack of it makes us feel – kind of a sense of panic in there! 😀


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