1670_44551731323_9342_nit has been fourteen years
since I held your tiny body
in my arms for the first time
woozy and exhausted I sat
staring at you in wonder
my son, my first born child
all tall and gangly now
you soon will tower over
your embarrassing mother
who sometimes makes you cringe
yet I have learnt the complex rules
of teenage hugging bans
which fortunately only apply
when in a public place
those fourteen years have changed you
from sweet soft baby into
smart, funny, sensitive teen
of whom I am proud
and still sometimes
I sit and stare in wonder
at your not so tiny self
in amazement at what was created
back then all those years ago

For my son who is away at his dad’s at the moment – this is the first year ever when I have not been with one of my children on their birthday. Though I know he’s fine and happy, it is a very strange feeling for me to not be with him on this day

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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