Growing Old

will I lose myself
    become an empty shell
    shrivelled and dry
    with nothing left of me
a desiccated husk
    a wisp floating on the wind
this life, this vibrancy
    fading away to dust
sparkles fizzling out
    like dud fireworks
as this ache
    takes all that I am
my colours fading
    bones growing
    ever more weary
skin marked
    with faded memories
    of smiles and laughter
eyes lost
    in times remembered
    seeing nothing of now
as life
drains slowly away

Sorry this is a tad depressing … just the way my mind is wandering today … perhaps I’ll write something a little more cheerful after a good night’s sleep πŸ™‚

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

22 thoughts on “Growing Old

  1. This is honest, Suzy. This too deserves attention. And expression. I wish you happiness and laughter as this darkness passes. And when it comes again, as surely it must, write about it. And share with us. We will hear.


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