I’m back home now, but still have some photos to post from my trip to Bournemouth. I mentioned that there were gulls as well as ducks and pigeons up at Coy Pond, and today we have some photos of them. They were all black headed gulls, which are somehow nicer than herring gulls (in my opinion). I was quite pleased with getting some action shots and quite surprised really as I was using my macro lens for these. It’s a great lens for macro (obviously) but it is pretty versatile.

7 Replies to “Gulls”

      1. I wish you wouldn’t keep swapping between your Blue Girl and Suzy Blue personae. I never know what to call you. I’m a bear of very little brain; I confuse easily.


      2. Haha you can call me what you like (within reason!). I was Blue Girl when I started blogging as I was remaining anonymous – I’ve given that up now, but the blogs still have the name in the title. My name should come up as Suzy Blue these days I think ๐Ÿ™‚


      3. I was commenting earlier to another blogger that I seem to have a lot of Blues on my case. There’s you, and you, and Darky Blue, and little Blue Suitcase…
        All very coonfusing.
        Jeepers they’re not ALL you are they?


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