colours bleed
fabric tears
fragile weave
stitches fray
brightness dims
sparkles flat
vibrant blues
fade to black

9 Replies to “tatters”

      1. Oh, don’t worry, darling, so is mine. So much to learn so little time. He does some really cool, minimalist imagist stuff like that. One is:

        so much depends

        a red wheel

        glazed with rain

        beside the white

        And another, my favourite:

        This is just to say

        I have eaten
        the plums
        that were in
        the icebox

        and which
        you were probably
        for breakfast

        Forgive me
        they were delicious
        so sweet
        and so cold

        If you get time check out a couple of my poems and let me know what you think. TOTALLY different to that, mind.


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