Wet Willow

The other day, the evening sun came out after rain and there were some nice droplets on the little Willow tree. I like this shot because my house is magically contained in the water droplet! It’s upsidedown but still, I think it’s cool 🙂


There were also a lot of droplets on the catkins and I took several photos. These 3 are of the same catkin, just changing the focus on each one – so if you move through the images you’ll see the droplets clearly starting at the end of the catkin and working your way back towards the tree. I was just going to put one in but I can’t really decide which is best! If there had been a little more light I would have been able to up the aperture and perhaps get them all in focus at once, but it was evening and not possible without fetching out the tripod.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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