grumpy stumpy person
mumbly grumbly person
not the person I want to be
happy smiley person
cheery grinny person
is the person I want to be
I fail

31 Replies to “grumpy”

      1. I’m afraid my claim to the crown of curmudgeon was severely damaged by Jasmine calling me Mr Fluffy (aka The Fluffster) at Christmas.
        then another dent in my credibility when a reviewr of Beginning, Middle, and End said my ‘wistfulness’ showed. I’ll never recover from that one.
        So i gladly pass the baton on to you. Carry it proudly.


      1. Alastair,
        I’m so grumpy that even my hair brush doesn’t want to come close to my hair, fearing it might pull on it.
        Le Grumpy Clown


  1. Well Blue, I was under the impression that you were ACTUALLY a human being, rather than some pseudo-paragon of godlike capabilities and resistances to the frailties that beseech the rest of us frail mortal things. The rest of us human beings fail continuously, never achieve the ultimate state for which we strive, regularly engage in misery and self-loathing, and generally display our essential humanity on a continuous basis – right on our snotty sleeves and via our decrepit clothing and bodies. I had neglected to remember that you were above this and thus should be held to a much higher standard wherein you were able to completely avoid the human jumble, and thus the whiff of such weakness would result in what you would consider a ‘fail’ but we would just consider to be the way things are, always have been, always will be.


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