Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

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When I think of the word escape, it brings to mind my two favourite hobbies – photography and poetry. Photography is my thing, my escape, my way to relax. When times have been tough, getting outside with the camera and seeing what I could find has become a great way to take my mind off my worries. And poetry is my way to escape from things in my head, if you see what I mean. If I’m sad or lonely or scared, or any number of different emotions, letting it out in a poem is a different kind of escape. (If you are interested in my poetry, please have a look at my other blog).

Sometimes I escape from work at lunch times and go out taking photos. Recently I did this and one of the things I spotted was this clump of bluebells, which seem to be doing a good job of escaping themselves πŸ™‚

Bluebells, not letting a fence stop them

And when the big things in life are overwhelming, looking at the small things can be a perfect escape – I love macro photography. Looking closely at what’s around you really takes your mind off other things, and makes a short walk into a fascinating exploration.

I love flowers and like to look closely at them …

Looking closely at a white Rhododendron

And I usually can’t resist getting in a bit closer!

Looking closer still, this time at a pink Rhododendron

And the closer you get the more details you see, and the more fascinated you become, and the less you remember the stress that sent you out on this walk in the first place … job done – escaped!

Looking as closely as possible at a light pink Rhododendron

Hope you’ve enjoyed escaping with me πŸ™‚

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge on the Daily Post blog

15 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape”

  1. Excellent photography! I look forward to seeing a lot more of your fine work in the future, I’m your new follower! πŸ™‚
    Greetings from sunny Norway


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