I despair

I’m like a child
trying to drown out another
my fingers are in my ears
I’m singing la-la-la-la
I’m not listening

I’m acting like the
(incorrect stereotype)
of an ostrich
with head in the sand

because facing the truth
of our sad broken world
and our sad broken people
whose hearts are so twisted
whose minds are so warped
makes me hurt
makes me cry
makes me sink into gloom

I want to see
the best in things
the best in people
know that
everyone has problems
everyone has issues
but we’re all the same inside
we’re human and decent
we do our best

but I’m wrong
some aren’t decent
some barely human
so f*cked up and distorted
their blackened minds
see their actions as right
and the racism tennis-match kicks off
with volleys back and forth
and I despair of the perpetrators and the reactionaries
I despair of the media
I despair of the politicians

I despair …

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I like looking at little signs and sayings with wonderful quotes of good feeling and hope written on them. A lot of blogs share these and they are beautiful.

    😦 But then when I look out at the real world and news and all the crazy ugly unreasonable happenings of this world, I despair too. I am glad you said it just as you and I am sure many others see it.

    But then some little undesparing voice always tries to weasel its way back in. lol


    1. Its hard isn’t it, but I guess these good places like the blogs and the friendly people here are a way of fighting back against the hate out there. We’ll smother it with love 😀


  2. If I didn’t feel in my heart that everything we see in the world is a reflection of something inside of ourselves… I would despair too. I work in one of the poorest countries of the world, and if you were to rely on what you hear about that country from the news media you would despair and believe that this country is hand in glove with a heart of darkness. We are here to differentiate ourselves from the illusion.


    1. The media do seem to spin things the way they want, not necessarily letting people see the truth. I’m sure there is a lot of good out there, but we hear less about that so it seems all it darkness.


  3. I left Facebook because of all the racism and ignorance on there. I was starting to think that I was the only person left who found the outpouring of hatred against immigrants and/or Muslims etc offensive. Facebook didn’t seem in any hurry to do anything about it either. So I left. I’ve found WordPress a much more enjoyable place to be. It’s restored some of my faith in human nature. Just some…


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