Yesterday at Ynys-Hir, there were lots of damselflies around. There seemed to be a few different sorts of red ones, and after reading up about it, it seems that they’re all Great Red Damselflies and they just have a bit of variety in their patterning.

There was one which was mostly red with stripes at the end:


Then there was one with sort of blobby black stripes with a bit of orangey-yellow:


And lastly there was this one which was mostly red at the top going to mostly black at the bottom:


There could even have been more variations but these are the ones I got shots of. Being me, of course I had to see how close I could go, and I must say, their eyes are fascinating …

DamselflyAnd of course, I couldn’t stop with one photo of each type …

It would appear that Damselflies feed on other insects and spiders … I caught this one munching on a spider!



And this one seems to have recently finished a meal of perhaps a crane fly – it looks like he’s left a leg!



As you have no doubt gathered, I was really rather taken with these damselflies and spent a lot of time taking many photos ๐Ÿ™‚

I did see one other type of damselfly which is I think the Southern Damselfly. I didn’t get a very good shot of it as I had the wrong lens on at the time. There was another shot where you could see the blue in the stripes, but it was very fuzzy so you’re not going to see it! Incidentally this one appears to be munching on some smaller insect too.



13 Replies to “Damselflies”

    1. Thank you – they are really intriguing – I’m hoping to see some different sorts next time as apparently these red ones are the first to come out so hopefully there will be others


  1. Dear Suzy,

    Your photography is stunning but to me also very interesting for professional reasons. I’m an entomologist from the US, recently retired but still active, who studies dragonflies and damselflies. In fact, I edit a scientific journal on these insects (which puts me in a very exclusive group – I think there are 3 of us worldwide). A paper recently was submitted that discusses damselflies feeding on spiders. For that reason, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to give me a little more information about your photo of the Great Red Damselfly (that is indeed what it is) that you found eating a spider. In particular we’d be interested in knowing as exactly as possible where it was taken and on what date. Also, if you happen to know what species the spider is, that would be very interesting additional information (although I doubt I could do it if our roles were reversed, so don’t worry too much about that). Would you be willing for the author of the paper to cite that information, with a reference to your blog? He would not need to reproduce the photo itself, only give the location and date. Any help you can provide would be very helpful.


    Mike May
    Rutgers University


    1. Hi Mike, I’d be honoured to have information about my photo cited in the journal – I’m glad that it might be useful. The photo was taken on May 25th 2013, at 10:57am BST, at Ynys Hir RSPB Nature Reserve in Mid-Wales ( I believe it was at the approximate location shown on this map – I’m afraid I don’t know what species the spider is. If there is any more information you need I’ll do my best to help ๐Ÿ™‚


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