birthday thoughts


the day arrives
and I feel
it’s just a day
no fanfare
no miraculous changes
no nothing
and I don’t feel special
at all

selfish wishes

on my birthday
I’m like a child
wanting this to be
my day
wanting to be the centre
of attention
wanting others
to make me feel
but this is
just selfish wishes
all tangled up
in hormones
and only I
have the power
to let myself
feel special
on the inside

not thinking

if I don’t actually
about my birthday
it’s fine
things are good
it’s only when
that I feel a lack
of that indefinable


as day goes on
I recover my balance
that to some
I am special
all of the time
not just this one day
and tonight I have time
with my love
just us two
and that is a wonder
to me

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

8 thoughts on “birthday thoughts

      1. I think I most like the posts that are people talking honestly about their feelings, it’s more substantial to me and generally better reading. So no, don’t think it was too much at all. I don’t think anyone is good at birthdays… I just ignore mine now.


  1. I really like and respect that you write what you feel Suzy. You keep it real.
    That’s why I keep coming back. Happy Birthday.


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