Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

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As you surely know by now, if you follow this blog, my favourite type of photography is macro. With this type of photography, perhaps more than any other, focus and depth of field are really important. Using a macro lens you can get really close to things, but getting so close means your depth of field is going to be pretty shallow, so you need to work hard to get the right thing in focus. If you’re not careful, you end up with an insect with blurry eyes, as the focus was on its wing tip or something like that. Speaking from experience here! Well I’m clearly not an expert yet, but when I look back at the first photos I took with my old DSLR 14 months or so ago, I can see I’ve come a long way and learnt a lot!

Here’s some of recent shots showing focused insects with nice blurry backgrounds 🙂

Small Copper Butterfly with blurred Ragwort
Small Copper Butterfly with blurred Ragwort – I was trying to get a good focus on the eye and proboscic, so I sacrificed the focus on the closer wing to get it
Drone Fly focusing on the eyes
Drone Fly focusing on the eyes – this fly was in a good position to get a shot of its eyes and at this close range I’d be hard pressed to get the full body in focus without focus stacking (not something I’ve tried yet!) so I have the eyes in focus and the rest of the body blurred … in a way this makes the fly look bigger
Large White Butterfly with blurred meadow
Large White Butterfly with blurred meadow – this butterfly resting on a flower didn’t need much thought about depth of field when grabbing the shot – it was just a quick grab before it flew away again. I made an effort to get the eyes crisply focused and didn’t worry about the background at all.  The butterfly stands out as the background fades into blur. If the background had been clearer, you probably wouldn’t be able to make out the butterfly so well against it.
Peacock Butterfly with blurred grass
Peacock Butterfly with blurred grass – the Buddleia in my garden has been covered in butterflies, so I have shots of them from all angles! I crept up behind this butterfly and ended up with a kind of over-the-shoulder shot of this butterfly surveying the grassy garden

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days – I’ve had a stressful week at work, and went down with a cold at the same time! Just feeling better today with the time and enthusiasm to write a post!

This post was inspired the Weekly Photo Challenge on the Daily Post Blog

10 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus”

  1. Each shot is more amazing than the previous one. but I have to admit, that dragonfly gave me chills. Too spooky, good that I saw this in the morning and not before going to sleep (when i usually check out other blogs)!
    I do not know what your level was when you bought you DSLR (14 months ago) but you are definitely a good photographer now.


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