definitely not a poem

I take a moment
or two
to let my mind wander
let go
of my thoughts
let them drift bubble-like
to sparkle
in imagined sun
wishing to fly
on winged words
drawing sensations
in vivid colour
but my mind is grounded
bogged down
and wreathed in fog
of day-to-day
and the words
sputter and fizzle
’til I give up
and go to bed

Published by Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

2 thoughts on “definitely not a poem

  1. Dear Blue: I like this poem of yours! A thousand visualizations with their accompanied sound tracks appear to me in my mind’s eyes when reading this in my head. Quite Beautiful. Congrats, kid, you sparked my interest! Thank you so very much, Mike Kerasotes


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