I cannot sit
I cannot write
my brain
can only
think of pain
and sitting hurts
and hurts
and hurts
I must get up now

I haven’t been posting much the last few days because I’m having trouble sitting and using my laptop because I have what I’m assuming is sciatica. I’m in a fair bit of pain much of the time at the moment and it hurts more when I sit. The most comfortable positions are standing and walking, and lying down. None of which are that great for writing blog posts! Hopefully it will ease up soon and I can get back to normal. Of course even then, I may find I have no words to say! Apologies if I don’t get round to reading all your blogs at the moment too.

9 Replies to “pain”

  1. Dear Blue Girl: Your Poem “Pain” reminds me of a girl I knew at college and of myself these days. Thank you, darling for your beautiful poetic rhyme and words. All my bests, darling, all my bests, Mike Kerasotes or 🙂


  2. back pain is debilitating – once upon a time i herniated L5 and S1 – i could not sit, lie down, sleep. i could only take tylenol and advil for the pain. Through the hell of it all (i will spare the details, i discovered swimming. Actually it was re-discovered – I swam thru two pregnancies. there was one place I felt no pain – lying on my back in the water – arms extended over head and swim fins – gliding along.


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