More Rain

Today’s weather continues wet and windy. I tried to venture out for a walk yesterday while there was a patch of sunshine but it was raining again before I could get further than the front door. So today I give you a photo which shows the view from my window! There is a village out there somewhere. A beam of sunshine peeked through the clouds for a moment and lit up the houses but sadly the rain continues. The weather news is all about storms and tidal surges leading to much flooding. Thankfully I am safe here. The stream is a raging torrent but no danger.

The Jackdaws were squawking on the chimney again earlier. I believe that they spend the winter on their nesting site defending it so that they can use it again in the spring. So we should have baby Jackdaws again I think.

I’m hoping for a break in the rain so I can at least pop out and fill up the bird feeders as I’ve noticed they’re all empty. Then perhaps I can report on what birds are visiting at the moment.

Talking of birds, yesterday we saw a Kite and a Buzzard while driving into town. We were wondering why we don’t see so many Kites at home at the moment. One theory we had was that they breed out here and return here in spring and summer but have a wider range during the rest of the year. Another thing to investigate.

Hope to be back again soon with better weather news!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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