Up the hill

Today in a dry spell I went for another walk. This time, for a change, I went up the hill instead of down the hill. My usual route is down the hill, round the church, over to the village pond and back, but as I haven’t been the other way for a while I thought I’d go and see what was growing up that way. I was remembering places where I’d seen flowers last spring and going to see if they had started sprouted yet.

First things I saw were Gorse flowers brightening up the cloudy day:

Further up I found some Daffodil shoots, and was surprised to actually see some flower buds too. Surely that’s early isn’t it?

Next I spotted a couple of Primroses. There are plenty of clumps of Primrose leaves around but these are the first I’ve seen that are already flowering.

The thing that made me happiest was the sight of some Crocuses just getting started. I do love a nice Crocus. Hopefully next weekend they will have opened up and perhaps I’ll get some sunshine to show them in their full glory!

I went to the top of the hill where there’s a little lane through to the woods, past some sheep fields, to see if there are any lambs up there yet. The answer is no. No lambs at the top or bottom of the village. I’ve seen some while driving to town, but there aren’t any round here yet.

On the way back down the hill I got a few more shots:

Sadly it was moments after taking the photo of the snowdrop when I realised I could feel raindrops. I quickly wrapped my camera up in the plastic bag I’d sensibly brought with me, and hurried home. It then chucked it down with hail so it was a fun walk back! Actually I was grinning the whole way, I must be mad! It’s good to get out into nature, even if it does throw little lumps of ice at me!

2 Replies to “Up the hill”

  1. Oh, lots of lovely signs of Spring there! I do love the wonderful honey smell of gorse when it carries on the breeze. You’ve also inspired me to go and check our local primroses at some point this week – thank you 🙂


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