Yesterday the weather turned nasty again with strong winds and lots of rain. If you are in the UK you may have seen my local town Aberystwyth on the news again as a big tide was predicted along with the strong winds. It wasn’t as bad as in January but the sea did crash over the prom again last night and cover it with sand and some debris. As the weather wasn’t pleasant I only went out for things I had to do, like shopping, and no walks were possible. Probably for the best really as I was recovering from a migraine on Friday and wasn’t really up to much.

Today the weather has improved. It’s calm and bright, though there is a cold wind. It’s a bit showery but enough dry spells in between to get out for a walk. I’m still not 100% so I didn’t go too far – just down the hill to see the Snowdrops, and far enough up the hill to check on the Crocuses.

The Snowdrops were looking great – nice big clumps of flowers now:

In the hedgerow, there were lots of catkins as there have been for a while, but now they are opening or expanding or whatever it is called when catkins get longer and looser. Up the hill there were more catkins of a different sort – much longer and danglier:

The Crocuses aren’t open yet, but there are a lot more flower buds now, and a whole new clump that I’m sure wasn’t there last week. I’m looking forward to them opening up soon.

I had a check on one of the primroses I mentioned last week and one of the flowers is now wide open:


There are lots of flower buds on the daffodils now, though the stems are still quite short, so it may be a while before they are flowering:


Near the Crocuses was a small clump of Snowdrops which is a bit further behind the ones down the hill. I think it’s because they’re on the side of the hill in the shadow of a hedge so don’t get so much sun:


Back home, I had a quick look around the garden before heading indoors to the warm. The Forsythia has just begun to flower, with 3 flowers so far – it will soon be a mass of yellow once they all come out. It’s one of those bushes that flowers before its leaves come which seems a strange way round to do things. Also I took a picture of the Buddleia which has lots of shoots ready to grow back big and strong again and give me lots of photos opportunities with the butterflies in the summer.

I did also get a lovely shot of the Gorse today, but I’ve saved that one for my photography blog – go and look if you want to see it 🙂

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