2014-02-11 07.17.40Well usually I post here on the weekend when I have had a chance to go out and see what is happening in nature… but today I thought I’d drop in with a weather update. I woke up this morning and looked blearily out of the window, expecting to see cloud and rain, and was a bit surprised to see this view of a snowy village! I didn’t see any snow in the weather forecast so I wasn’t expecting that at all.

It has previously been raining pretty much continuously and the water was pouring off the fields so my drive to work was ‘interesting’. First a load of slushy snow on the road in the village and then as I headed out the road was like a river with water flowing along the edge or right across the road in places. I’m lucky that we don’t have the serious flooding that they have in the Thames valley area in England, but still, it’s not pleasant.

The snow has all gone now, but there is more forecast tonight, so I won’t be so surprised if the village is white again when I get up tomorrow.

I wonder when all this wetness is going to come to an end!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. We had a sudden fall of unexpected snow this evening. About an inch fell in less than an hour and a half and there are still plenty of huge flakes swirling round out there. No respite for many yet it seems from this incessant wetness.


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