Another weather update for you! Yesterday it was snow, and today it’s strong winds. I knew there was windy weather forecast but this morning it got upgraded to a red alert from about lunch time to 9pm tonight. Red alerts are the highest weather alerts that the Met Office give out, and it says that red alerts mean a danger to life and buildings etc. I was feeling rather alarmed and wondering if I should go home from work. Then the school got closed and that made my decision for me so I went home and nervously waited for the children to arrive on the school bus (I’m a terrible worrier, so I was very nervous!). Everyone got home safely thankfully. Since I got home I’ve been keeping up on developments on the internet and working from home keeping the University website up to date with the weather information. Apparently the highest wind recorded tonight near here was 108mph! Nasty! There are many trees down and roads blocked, as well as some power lines too. It seems that all the main roads into town are blocked at the moment. I have been expecting the power to go off here as the lights have been flickering a lot but we’ve been lucky so far and it’s stayed on. It’s supposed to ease tonight and we’ll have to survey the damage tomorrow, and see if schools and businesses will be open. One thing I know is damaged and that’s our front gate – it is in several pieces, presumably because the wind has been slamming it closed repeatedly. Our bin is lying down and there’s no point righting it as it’ll just blow over again! The children are hoping that roads will still be blocked in the morning so they won’t have to go to school … I’m torn, as it would be nice to have a day at home, but I’d have to work from home, and I know that road closures can cause all sorts of problems for people who have to travel and for the emergency services.

Anyway, enough rambling on. Hopefully things will die down and I may be able to get out at the weekend and see how the spring flowers are fairing in all this nasty weather. Hope everyone else around the country is coping ok with the wind and flooding.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. We were just reading the weather news online here and learning of the hurricane force winds some people are experiencing over in Wales. Wind, like water, is so powerful. It sounds wild enough outside here but I think we were ‘only’ scheduled for 85mph! Keep safe!


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