Definitely Spring

Yesterday the weather was cloudy but mostly dry so I went out for a walk to see what I could see. My conclusion is that it’s definitely spring!

Last week I saw just one Celandine, and this week there were lots of them all over the place. They are brightening up every hedgerow.

The Daffodils are mostly all out now and making a lovely splash of yellow.

The Crocuses are opening up more now, although there are still some that are quite closed up – possibly because they’re in a spot that doesn’t get much sun.

Of course I have to have a few photos of the Snowdrops as they’re still looking so nice, all wide open.

The highlight of my walk wasn’t flowers for a change as I saw some birds that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before other than on TV. I was watching a horse which was galloping around and neighing a lot and while stood there I noticed some birds flying back and forth. I didn’t recognise them so looked carefully and was so chuffed to realise they were Long-tailed Tits. None of these photos are really any good at all, but I don’t care (for a change) as I was just so pleased to get any kind of photo of them. They were quite far away so I had to crop these images a fair bit so you can see them at all! Bizarrely later on when I was at home in the kitchen, I looked out the window and saw 2 Long-tailed Tits in the garden! I’m sure I’ve never seen them there before!

There were other birds out and about, including Blackbirds, Robins, Chaffinches and Starlings. The Starling were in a flock, as you’d expect and were hanging around not far from the village pond. I was trying to creep up on them and get a photo, but they kept spotting me and taking off to another tree. I did manage to get a couple of half-decent shots though:

There are now quite a few different flowers to be seen apart from the ones I’ve already mentioned:

And the trees and shrubs are starting to sprout leaves, and flower buds and the catkins are getting long and dangly.

I went into the woods to see if there were any Wood Anemones, but didn’t see any. I can’t remember where they were last year so it may have been because I didn’t go far enough, or because they’re not out yet. There were several trees down from the recent storms but the wooden lady is still standing, although she does look a little bashed about. I saw lots of shoots which I think are bluebells. Lots of birds around in there too – I could hear them but rarely see them. I just got one photo of the backend of a Blackbird! 🙂

I have saved a few photos for my other blog, as there were some that I thought were good enough to feature over there, so if you want to see more, keep an eye on that blog over the next few days. Today there’s a photo of Crocuses which came out with a lovely soft focus.

2 Replies to “Definitely Spring”

  1. Wonderful Spring shots, Suzy! Those celandines are really lovely! Long Tailed Tits are such busy little birds, I always think. They usually attract my attention with their high pitched calls as they flit from tree to tree hunting for food. But they are lovely to watch. Your old sloe berries are looking quite wrinkly now on the blackthorn – the new blossoms will be peeping out soon 🙂

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