I went out for a short wander today. I won’t call it a walk as it was hardly any distance! I am off some of my medication for my sciatica, plus I didn’t sleep well last night so I didn’t fancy going too far. I pottered round the garden and went a little way down the road to a patch of crocuses. I may get out again tomorrow, but I have a busy morning so may run out of steam by the afternoon!

Today started cloudy, but turned sunny in the afternoon, and apart from a brisk wind it is a lovely spring day. The wind does spoil it a bit as it’s quite cold, but other than that it is nice. It is set to remain quite pleasant tomorrow and into next week so this is good.

There are lots of Primroses now and the ones just outside my garden are flowering. Also some pink Primula are flowering in the garden.

I didn’t notice until I was sorting out my photos that there was a tiny bug on that pink Primula flower 🙂

There are now quite a lot of lambs around. All the way to work, the fields are full of them. There are some now in the field up behind our house, but they are at the far end. I tried to get a couple of shots but they’re not the best as they were far away and I had to crop them a fair bit. Still, it’s better than no photos of lambs 🙂

In the garden there are quite a few Forsythia flowers now out, and many many buds. Another bush is developing leaves, but I don’t know what it’s called! It has been there for years and wasn’t planted by me so I have no idea!

Out in the hedges and banks, the celandines and daisies are continuing to brighten things up.

The crocuses and speedwell are wide open now, enjoying the sunshine. I love how the purple crocuses have such contrasting orange stigmas. And they’re so frilly as well!

And back in the garden there are some daffodils nearly flowering. They’re a lot later than the ones up the hill. I wonder if they’re a different sort, or perhaps it’s because they are in a fairly shady spot close to the house. The catkins on the willow are getting longer and fatter and soon will be bursting out from their hairiness.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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