Spring has Sprung!

After a couple of foggy cold days, the sunshine has returned to us. It’s cold out of the sun though and the insects must be feeling it as it was a lot quieter when I went for a walk today. Last weekend there were bees everywhere, but today I’ve only seen a couple of Bumbles passing.

The only insect I got a photo of was this Ladybird:


However, what today lacked in insects, it more than made up for in birds! For some reason, the bird feeders in the garden have been very popular today with quite a range of birds. I haven’t managed to get photos of all of them, but the list includes Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long-Tailed Tits, Chaffinches, Robins, Sparrows, Dunnocks and the crazy antics of the Jackdaws and a Magpie trying to get seeds!

Here’s my favourite shot – I love how I was getting a shot of a Sparrow, and the Chaffinch and Blue Tit sneaked into the photo!


And here are a bunch of other bird photos:

And a special separate gallery for the most common look on a bird’s face when I’m pointing a camera at him or her – the “what are you doing?” look 🙂

And not just birds, but lambs! They were close enough for decent shots today for a change:

So, what is going on in the Plant Kingdom? The Willow catkins are now turning from furry to yellow and frilly:

The Daffodils in my garden are now wide open and looking pretty:

I found one patch of Blackthorn that has started to flower, though most of the hedge is still just buds:

The Forsythia bushes are all fully in flower now and the Flowering Currant is nearly there:

And then we have a selection of flowers I found round and about:

There are lots of buds and leaves emerging now so things are getting greener:

And here’s something weird I’ve not noticed before – I thought this was perhaps Hazel in the hedgerow and I was looking at the buds among the catkins and many of them seem to have these little pinky-red spiky bits … I wonder what they are – does anyone reading know? Edited to add: I’ve just googled and discovered I was right – it is Hazel, and the pink bud things are actually the female flowers (the catkins are the male flowers) – you learn something new every day!

Well, what a long post! Hope you enjoyed seeing more of spring emerging 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!

  1. Ah wonderful! Lots more beautiful Spring! I love the way that chaffinch is looking at what you’re doing 🙂 We had a blackbird one winter that would sit on our window ledge and look through the window just like that, head cocked to one side, then he would tap on the glass with his beak if there was no food left!
    I find tree flowers are quite interesting – they’re often quite different to what we think of as ‘flowers’. The European larch is another tree that produces bright pink flowers, like mini versions of the subsequent cones.
    … some lovely photos there Suzy, I really enjoyed them 🙂

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