Sunday Stroll (belated)

Well, I did get back out again for a walk on Sunday, but ran out of steam to write a post about it last night. So here I am in my lunch break on Monday …

I decided to go a different route, all the way down to the main road, and back up through the woods. Sadly a lot of the hedge along the road is full of Rhododendrons. I do like their flowers, but they seem to crowd everything else out. However, in the hedge and in the woods I did see lots of new leaves growing. I’m not sure what any of these are apart from the one in the top right which is Hazel.

While walking down the road, I made some lambs jump when they caught sight of me through the hedge. I clambered up the bank a bit so I could see over the hedge and got a few shots of them before they decided I was too scary and ran away to their mums 🙂

I saw some type of Willow, I believe. Not the same as the one in my garden but similar-ish. The left photo and bottom right are the Willow in my garden and the top right is one from down at the bottom of the woods.

There are quite a few flowers now, including a couple that have only just emerged. The first one here is a Violet – there was just the one of these almost hidden in the grass under the hedge near the church. The last two pictures were in my garden – I spotted a splash of pink and have discovered it’s a plant called Fumitory. In case you haven’t guessed, my garden is not very posh and could be described as a wildlife garden … I don’t really do weeding, apart from occasionally hacking at brambles and trying to defeat the bamboo that’s running rampant.

To finish off, we have a few oddments. First a plant that I can’t identify that’s growing at the bottom of the hedge just down from my house. I guess I will have to wait until the flowers open to work out what it is. Then a sparrow sat in a Forsythia bush, a little patch of moss (in the not very bright woods) and a big bunch of galls!

Have a nice Monday – see you next weekend!

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I like to take photos and write words ...

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