Friday Lunchtime Stroll

Yesterday I had my camera with me at work, and decided to pop out with it for a short walk in the gardens near my office. It was one of those days that looks warmer than it is, and I had to go back for my coat!

There are a couple of Magnolia trees which are looking lovely. When you look closely most of the open flowers have lost their creamy perfection but the fresh buds are still perfect:


There was also some lovely spring blossom on the trees:


On the ground I spotted a flower I haven’t seen yet this spring – a forget-me-not:


And another lovely blossom tree – a different sort, this time. I must try and learn about the different types!


The flowers on the Dogwood trees won’t be long I think – there are plenty of buds fattening up:


In the bog garden area, the Marsh Marigolds are putting on quite a show. They’re difficult to photograph as they end up too bright and lose all detail. This was my best effort. Most of them were wide open, but this one was not quite there yet:


There were also a lot of Bumblebees and various other flies on what I think were Azaleas. They were pretty busily moving around and it was quite windy so getting a good shot was tricky. This is one of my better attempts:


And finally from Friday – the Ivy-Leaved Toadflax which grow on the walls of the bridge over the river are just starting to flower:


I have also been for a walk around my village today, but I’ll post about that tomorrow as it’s getting rather late now.

Incidentally, I’m trying a new approach with this post today – using the pictures that I already uploaded to Flickr rather than uploading them again here. It does mean I can’t do galleries, but it does make things a little easier and quicker for me. Let me know if you have any thoughts on what works best. Edited to add that I’ve reverted back to uploading photos locally as the Flickr embed kept going weird and inserting other peoples photos!!

Hope you’ve had a good Saturday 🙂


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. I love forget-me-nots – they’re one of my favourite flowers. I think I quite like this photo-posting approach Suzy because we get to enjoy bigger images of those fabulous flowers and other natural wonders you’ve found to share with us 🙂


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