A Day Behind

I’m behind now … today I had a very long walk and I haven’t even posted about my normal sized walk from yesterday yet!

So, yesterday I had a walk with my daughter, which was fun. She brought her camera too (my old one) and we enjoyed seeing what we could spot in the hedgerows.

First I showed her the Violet I found last week – this time it has been joined by quite a few others so doesn’t look so lonely there.


Nearby we found some Grape Hyacinths that are just getting going. Are these wildflowers or escapees from a garden I wonder?


I pointed out the pretty bicolour daffodils that opened last week, and this time I spotted an insect on one of them. Turned out to be 2 actually – I think they are feeling a bit of spring fever 🙂


My daughter was pleased to see some lambs. She doesn’t always share my fascination for the very small things, and prefers horses, pets and farm animals. These two looked very cute with their oversized ears.


I spotted my first Stitchwort of the year, and I’m sure there will soon be loads of them all cropping up everywhere!


There were a few insects about – not loads but certainly more than last week. By the end of our walk it was warming up and today it was warmer still, so hopefully that’ll mean more insects 🙂 Here’s a hoverfly we spotted:


And just the one Bumblebee on the Erica:


The Flowering Currants by the village pond are looking very pretty now, and I couldn’t help myself and got another shot with the Forsythia in the background making a lovely yellow glow:


I had another rummage in the bluebell leaves to check on how the flower buds are coming along. They’re looking bluer now, but still quite a way off flowering:


I had another look at the mysterious hedgerow plant from last week and with the aid of this new photo, I’ve finally figured out what it is – it’s called ‘Fringecups’ (quite appropriately, I can see now) and its Latin name is Tellima grandiflora


I have a new unidentified plant though – this one was in the garden. It’s very small with tiny star shaped lilac flowers and I can’t find it anywhere. I had to walk away from the computer for a bit as it was making me very frustrated trying to figure it out!


Also in the garden, many of the Willow leaves are coming out now – all fresh and furry:


And lastly, those late Daffodils growing by the willow are nearly ready to open now, so we’ll get another splash of colour soon:


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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