Long Sunday Walk

Today I went on an unexpectedly long walk. I decided to go up the hill as I hadn’t walked that way for a while, then I ended up walking back through the woods, then off for long wander through the fields on the hill, and back round to the bottom of the village in a big loop. My leg hasn’t quite forgiven me yet, but it was lovely up there in the sunshine 🙂

At the top of the village, there are tons of Primroses now:


Also there was a big spread of Speedwell looking lovely so I got down low so you can see how it carpeted the ground:


As I was strolling up the hill I spotted an insect on a Dandelion. I think it was a Leafcutter Bee – it definitely looked bee-like but it was very much smaller than honey bees. I love how it was so covered in pollen!


There wasn’t much to photograph through the woods, but it was a nice walk between all the trees. When I reached the edge of the woods I was going to go back home, but decided instead to head out onto the hillside. It was lovely and sunny and I could hear birds all around. I saw a Buzzard, Red Kites, Jays, Robins & Chaffinches, but the most interesting birds were the Meadow Pipits – there were lots of them around, but they were quite skittish so I didn’t get any good shots – just a few fairly rubbish ones! This one was my best effort:


Some of the sheep up there were sleeping on the path, and though I would have walked quietly round them, they preferred to get up and move. Some were rather grumpy about this. These two stood and stared at me rather belligerently for a while before moving away:


However this lovely lady was quite keen to have her photo taken, and posed beautifully for me:


I spotted a lovely bunch of Larch trees (wasn’t sure what they were, but have googled!):


On the way back towards home I was chasing butterflies! There were quite a lot of Small Tortoiseshells fluttering all over the place in pairs. They seemed to be feeling a tad frisky 🙂 It was hard work getting a shot but I managed a couple


This one was behaving a little more sedately and just getting on with drinking nectar, allowing me to get a little closer:


I saw a couple of Peacock butterflies out too, but it was mainly the tortoiseshells.

To finish off – here’s a view from up on the hill. I only had my macro lens with me as I hadn’t really intended on going up there, or I’d have a nice wide-angle shot, but this is not bad really:


Now I’m up to date on all my walks 🙂 Hope you’ve enjoyed my catch up.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Oh that sounds like my kind of walk 🙂 … flowers, birds, butterflies and beautiful views – fabulous. I love your shots of the small tortoiseshells – we’ve not recorded any butterflies yet this year … hopefully one sunny day soon!


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