Garden Catch-up

Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. It was wet, windy and generally miserable so I didn’t get much chance to go out. So to make up for it, I popped out for a brief look round the garden this evening. It wasn’t that bright so the photos are not my best, but I did spot some interesting things 🙂

The Willow is very leafy now and it’s becoming mostly green, with the catkins being secondary to all the lovely soft green fresh leaves.


The Bergenia stalks are growing taller so the flowers are emerging out from being tucked between the big leaves. Sadly they don’t look perfect for long and are already looking a bit tatty, and the leaves are a bit of a mess. But still, they do add a lovely splash of pink in the garden.


More of the Spanish Bluebells are coming out now. Here’s a blue one:


And a white one:


I had a look to see how the Forsythia is getting on and there’s still loads of flowers, but it is coming into the next stage and the leaves are growing well.


There are lots of new leaves and shoots on the Buddleia now. I cut them back quite viciously so I’m glad to see them growing back. I’m really looking forward to the masses of flowers and all the butterflies. It was fab last year with all sorts of butterflies visiting – some I’d never seen in the garden before – there were Tortoiseshells, Peacocks, Small Coppers, Painted Ladies, Red Admirals, Commas and various Whites. I can’t wait! 🙂


I was delighted to see some Columbine (Aquilegia) buds coming! They are such interesting sculptural flowers and there are usually loads around the garden and the village hedgerows. Expect to see many photos of them when they come out 🙂


The Rowan tree is now fully in leaf and looking good, with many flower buds fattening up:


I had a glance at where I’d seen the Poppy leaves and was happy to see the first bud growing. Not the best of photos, but I don’t care. I love the yellow Welsh Poppies, so bright and delicate. Another thing to look forward to 🙂


Finallly on the way back indoors I took a quick shot of the Climbing Rose that wends its way through the hedge. I don’t think it flowered last year, but it definitely did the year before – little pink roses that look very pretty in the middle of all the green of the hedge. Yet another thing to look forward to!


So that’s it for today’s catch-up. I’m hoping that the weather will be better at the weekend, but even if it isn’t there should be a whole bunch more photos next week and the week after as I’ll be on holiday from work so will have lots of time for photos 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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