Sunny Garden Wander

I had a quiet little potter round the garden yesterday in between various errands, and some mowing.

Bruce pointed out that my container sown with wildflowers was now full of tiny sprouts! I have no idea what this one will be, but it’s one of many little shoots that I hope to look after well and make the insects happy (as well as making the garden pretty).


The Sparrows seemed quite hungry and were busy nibbling away at the seed feeder:



The Tulip Tree (Liriodendron) is now coming into leaf and they looked lovely in their fresh bright green again the blue sky yesterday:



There are quite a few Hoverflies hovering around the place now, though without their favourite Ragworts out yet, they’re hard to catch when they’re sitting still! This one stopped for a moment on a Daffodil.


It won’t be long until the Welsh Poppies are flowering. The buds are getting fat now 🙂


This Pond Skater was spotted in a wheel barrow full of water … which gave us the push we needed to get the pond finished off. We bought a pre-formed pond a while back, dug out the hole and put it in, but then when it filled up we realised we hadn’t got it quite straight so we had to empty it out (hence the wheel barrow full of water). We’d been meaning to sort out the hole for some time now, but it had been too cold or too wet, or we’d both been full of aches and pains and not up to it. Seeing that Pond Skater gave me a burst of enthusiasm to finally sort it out, so I finished off the digging that Bruce had started, and took a bit more off the edge, and checked the levels, and we put the pond back in. It seems to be sitting level now, which is brilliant, and is now about half full from the water we managed to save from when we emptied it. We didn’t have enough containers to save all the water, so we’ll just have to wait for rain to fill it up now. Hopefully the Pond Skater will move in properly. Sadly we’re too late for the frogs I think, as we saw tadpoles in the village pond already. Never mind, better late than never, and maybe we’ll have tadpoles next year 🙂 After all that rambling, here’s the Pond Skater responsible:


Finally, while I was sat in the front garden recovering from mowing and digging, I was watching a Jackdaw sat on the wire. I think he’s one of the ones nesting in the chimneys. He was sat still watching the chimney so I thought I’d try and get a couple of shots. Then just as I was taking photos he took off! They’re not the most well-focused or crisp shots, but it amused me to have caught him taking off like that! 🙂




I might have to have a lazy day today as I hurt in various places! Nothing too bad (in case my mum is worried I’ve done too much!) – just the usual aches and pains from doing stuff your body is not accustomed to (digging)!

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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  1. How exciting making a pond! I expect your pondskater will soon make itself at home … and a few ‘friends’ will probably follow soon too. I love those jackdaw pics – wonderful! We have jackdaws nesting in our old chimneys – we love the way they seem to potter about in pairs just now, like old married couples 🙂

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