Friday in the Village

On Friday we had a nice little walk round the village in the sunshine to see what we could see.

The bees were out again, getting all covered in pollen:


There are loads of Stitchworts making the verges pretty – for a change I got a shot of a group of them rather than just focusing on one:


As we passed the wet meadow, I couldn’t resist another few shots of the Cuckooflowers – this one is my favourite shot:


I noticed that this tree still has no leaves, and after a comment by Peggy about an old saying “Oak before Ash, we’re in for a splash. Ash before Oak, we’re in for a soak” I was wondering if it was an Ash tree. After a bit of googling, I think it is, so if the saying is right, it should be a nice summer 🙂


The Hawthorn flowers are coming out now. I’ve not really studied them closely before, but you can see in this photo the shape of the Haw already there, with the rather fuzzy flower dangling underneath. I’m kind of confused about this as all the pictures I can find of Hawthorn flowers are wide open white flowers similar to Blackthorn … maybe these will change as they grow a bit more.


There are lots of Bluebells out now although there are still many more yet to open:


I was delighted to find a butterfly that actually stayed still for a minute! There were a fair few of them fluttering about, but this Green-Veined White seemed to be having a rest and let me take various shots of it:


We had a look in the village pond again and saw quite a few tadpoles as well as about a gazillion baby Water Boatmen and their parents, with plenty of Pond Skaters too. The highlight was when Bruce spotted a peculiar creature which turns out to be a larva of the Great Diving Beetle:

Great Diving Beetle larva
Great Diving Beetle larva

We spotted some Tulips (one of which I posted a couple of days back). There are still a few Daffodils too, but they’re mostly looking tatty and old now. Here’s one of the red Tulips:


There’s a patch of Erica flowers which we often go and visit while walking as it seems very popular with the bees. We were in for a treat with lots of Honey Bees there again 🙂 Here’s one of them (if you want to see more, have a look on my Flickr photostream):


It won’t be long now until the Columbines (Aquilegia) flowers will come out – this one looks pretty close now:


Lastly, I spotted a couple of new flowers that I haven’t seen yet this year. A Corn Speedwell, and some Chickweed:

Corn Speedwell
Corn Speedwell



By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Oh yes, that’s definitely an Ash (some of last year’s old brown Ash keys tend to linger like that – watch out for the beautiful purple tree flowers soon too) … but it looks like a sunny Summer for Wales (hopefully) 🙂
    I think pondlife larvae tend to look rather vicious! We often find dragon fly larvae and caddis fly larvae when we go pond-dipping … on one family trip a dragon fly larvae was named “Predator” after it ate one of the tadpoles!

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