Down by the River

On Saturday I had a brief wander down by the river near my daughter’s riding school as I was a bit early to pick her up. It may not be entirely obvious that I was by a river as I neglected to take any photos of the actual river but never mind! As it was brief there are only a few photos to share.

As usual I find it hard to resist an unfurling fern, and I do rather like the lovely bokeh I got in the background:


The highlight of my wander was hearing an unfamiliar bird, and actually managing to spot it and get a half-decent photo! Near the river in a patch of what appeared to be scrubby willows were a pair of Willow Warblers! Don’t think I’ve ever knowingly seen one before. They look very similar to Chiffchaffs, but they definitely had a Willow Warbler sound, not the chiff-chaff song. They were hard to photograph as they were hopping around a lot, but I think this shot’s not too bad:


And finally I got my first photo of the year of a Swallow 🙂 I had seen a couple on my travels over the last week, but this was the first time I had a camera in my hand when a Swallow helpfully paused in it’s busyness:


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. WOW!!! Lovely picture!!! It aligns really well with the monthly photography challenge I’m having on my blog right now. You could partake by posting the link to your photo as a comment on any of my blog posts.

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