A Little Tour

Yesterday, before I got distracted by peering into the pond, we had a little walk around the village again. I thought that for a change I would take my 18-55mm lens with me so I could show you a bit more about where I go for my walks.

This is the wet meadow that I’ve mentioned, where the Cuckooflowers grow. It has a lot of Celandines in it too at the moment. Later on there will be buttercups too. Sometimes there are sheep or cows in this field and when it has been raining alot the whole area in the foreground gets very marshy.

Wet Meadow

Just to the right of the first picture are these trees – Horse Chestnuts on the left, and the newly-identified Ash on the right:

Horse Chestnuts & Ash trees

Continuing along this road takes you to the woods I walk in sometimes, and the village pond. No wider angle pictures of those today, but I will try and remember to take this lens out with me next time and get some soon. You can also see the hedge along the right side of the road here – it goes nearly all the way round 3 sides of a field which is in this next picture. The hedgerow is where I see a lot of the flowers and insects I photograph.

Field in the middle of the village

The hedge turns to fence here for a bit, which makes it easier to see over into the field for this photo! On the right of here is the village church which has all sorts of little plants growing in the wall that goes round it. The big hill on the right is where I went walking a few weeks back and ended up going on a very long walk.

Down past the church is a field with these pretty blossom trees in it. I’m peering over the wall to take this photo, in just about the same position where I saw the first snowdrops this year.

Blossom Trees

Today it’s raining and not really the weather for going out for a nice walk, but it’s good for the pond so I’m not really complaining 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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