the last day

the last day before reality returns
and I sit
woozy on new drugs
tea cup clutched like a comfort blanket
pondering the imminent approach
of the daily grind

did I make the most of my time?
did I appreciate every moment of freedom?
will I return refreshed?

and thoughts of emails by the hundred
of queries to answer
meetings to go to
jobs that need to be done ‘yesterday’
busy busy busy
everyone demanding at once
and hardly a moment to think
even to breathe

then I realise
I am now wishing away the last hours
by thinking of tomorrow
and letting it encroach
into today
so I resolve
to stop
and savour
each minute
of this last day
every last drugged-up wind-swept crazy-happy moment of it

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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