see me

I am not like them
the ladies
in the latest fashion
all fake tan
and heels
and straighteners

I could not pull it off

but am I less
because of
my failure
to be part
of their world?

would they look at me
if I had their
stylish gloss?

I stare at my reflection
and it’s all me
nothing between us
curves and plain skin
a few extra pounds
my forty years
of living here exposed
and I wonder
if it’s good enough
to make me

of respect

this is it
it’s all
that I have
will you see
my truth?

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I think, in the end, that that’s an odd question. They may have their appearance and their gloss and their tans and the like; their style, and whatever dollars it cost them to get it, but this is exponentially decreasing. Their ability to project that kind of fake beauty decreases with time. But poetry only becomes richer, no? You should more be asking them if their vanity is close to worthy of your poetry, Blue. But you already know the answer. I sure do.


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