This Week in Catch-up

I decided to drop my tablets back down to the level I was on last week and hurrah, I can function again! So here is a catch up…

The weather has turned cooler and rainier now but earlier in the week on Tuesday it was nice and sunny and we had a walk after work. One of the most eye-catching things at the moment are all the buttercups, stretching out far across the fields 🙂


The Tulip Tree down the road is developing flower buds. They’re not the prettiest of flowers and are mainly green … but they’re interesting.


Last time I think I included some Red Clover. Well, now we have the White Clover beginning too, as well as another family member – Birds-Foot Trefoil (the yellow flower below).

IMG_1477 IMG_1474

The Ash tree is really getting going now, in a race to catch up with other trees. Funny how it has started so late when other trees have finished flowering already!

IMG_1484 IMG_1483

I spotted this pink flower coming up in the hedgerow, but I don’t know what it is – any ideas?


The Honeysuckle was getting quite close to flowering in some places – the buds were getting longer and longer:


We saw a beautiful Marmalade Fly resting while we passed:


The ‘Sticky Plant’ is growing again. Looking quite attractive at this point. Less attractive later when you find your clothes are covered in the little fuzzy seeds which cling onto everything!


We seem to be seeing more snails out and about now – perhaps they feel the spring too and are heading out looking for friends 🙂


Some of the ferns are still unfurling, though they’re nearly open now just a few left to go:

IMG_1505 IMG_1506

The Elm tree down near the pond is filling up with leaves – there seem to be more leaves than flowers now:


I spied some baby apples on the apple trees nearby:


This Willow has been sending out fluff all over the place. The pond had a covering of it and it was flying in our faces and you could find it stuck to all kinds of plants! I’m not sure what kind of willow it is. The one in our garden doesn’t do this!


This little Ragged Robin was found growing by the pond. Living up to its name by being very raggedy!


I found this little yellow flower which I haven’t identified yet – pretty little thing:


Finally back in the garden I spotted that one of my wildflower seedlings is forming flower buds! Still have no idea what it will be so it’s quite exciting 🙂


By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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