As I came into the house today I was reminded that I should do an update on the wildflowers and other things in the garden. Last time I put in a picture of my growing plants they were rather small – Wildflowers Update. Now they are tall and many are about to burst into flower! I’ve just realised I’ve chopped off the black mustard flower in this picture!

Plant growing area
Plant growing area

Most of the flowers are cornflowers – the ones that are flowering already are the ones that lived for a while on the windowsill in the kitchen – they seemed to move faster towards flowering but suffered from floppy stalks which are now being held up with help. I think I may have chucked in a packet or two of cornflower seeds with the wildflowers.

The cornflowers so far are blue, pink and purple:

More traditional blue cornflower
Pretty pink cornflower
Slightly tatty purple cornflower

The blue one, being blue, is my favourite so I took another photo of it 🙂

Blue cornflower from above

Other things you may have noticed from the first picture is the addition of some Basil that was previously growing in the kitchen, a trough of new seedlings and a pot containing a rather sickly Lavender. The Basil got a bit big and didn’t seem so happy indoors anymore so it came out here. We haven’t really used it in cooking – just enjoyed its smell. The seedlings are another packet of wildflowers that I forgot when I did the original planting, and Bruce has put them in a trough. The Lavender was in the middle of the garden by the Willow – I put it there last year and it was fine, but this year it seems to be have been overwhelmed so I dug it up and put it in the pot to see if I can rescue it.

New wildflower seedlings
New wildflower seedlings
Rather sickly Lavender ... is there any hope?
Rather sickly Lavender … is there any hope?

And finally a quick look at the big Hebe to find it’s started to flower! Yay 🙂

Hebe flowering
Hebe flowering
Hebe flowering
Hebe flowering

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...

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