So I moved all my blogs here, and now I’m doubting if it was a good idea. With my tired eyes staring blurrily at the screen, I sit and doubt. I doubt and sit. Stretch and wriggle my gammy leg, and doubt some more. I doubt myself and my ability to make good decisions. I doubt my ability to write or photograph or even exist. I miss the community back in the main fold. I miss the likes and the random arrivals who found me by accident in the reader. I miss the way it was. But change is good too. I have all my blogs in one place, I have full control over themes and CSS and everything! I am a web developer by trade, so this is good, this is very good, but was it the right decision? You there, you reading this, you were probably imported as a follower (I’m sorry I didn’t give you a choice in that) so do you like the change? Are you still there? Is anyone there? Did I do the right thing?

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Yeah, you’ll find more worldly-wise followers turning up now that you’re out running things alone. People still gravitate towards sources of light, even if those sources are blue.


    1. Sorry about that – I think it’s because I imported followers from more than one blog so if you were following both it might have imported you twice :-/


  2. We all doubt ourselves at times…..but we should never feel afraid or ‘have doubts’ about changing our minds. I notice a number of folk who have made the change like you did have moved back to the ‘mother site’. If you are not happy about the change move back….I am sure followers will follow. I am not saying which is right or wrong as it is what you feel for your blog that matters…..just don’t cause yourself excess anxiety…creative time out is too precious to waste.


    1. Thanks David, I am giving myself a chance to settle here and see how things go and try not to be anxious about it. I’m actually thinking how nice it is having all my blogging together – feeling a lot more positive.


      1. From my end as a follower I find that I have to open up three locations before I can read the full content and see any images…and comment if the urge take me! The preview on WordPress Reader is a bit restricted and might put off none followers from delving deeper. Just thoughts… not criticism


  3. I’m still here; you’re still appearing in my reader; yes you can doubt anything (didn’t do Descartes any harm), but us writers face the doubt and make words out if it if we keep steady


  4. I think doubt is just a part of life – making a decision, changing things. I love your new blog – it’s clean and unfussy. Maybe there aren’t so many passers-by as before but as you develop your blog how you want it and maybe link it to other parts of your life, I’m sure more visitors will stop by. I still see your posts on my reader … but if I miss one know I can easily find it right here on your new site πŸ™‚


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