Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

I was thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge, which is about ‘Containers’ this week … and wondering if there was anything I take photos of that would fit. As you know I’m mainly nature and macro, and don’t take a lot of photos of anything industrial, which is what the word containers make me think of.

But then I thought about buds. Buds contain flowers … well in fact the container part is the sepals which cover the flower while it develops. So my containers are sepals around buds!

Ragwort Buds with lots of sepals making them stripey
Hedge Bindweed bud – with twisty wrapped round sepals in a lovely pointy shape

These two different types of flowers have very different buds and sepals containing their precious flowers, and there are many others I could include. I’m sticking with recent photos though.

The Ragwort buds are now opening and becoming popular with passing insects:

Fly on Ragwort flower

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. What a great idea for this challenge! Flower buds are such amazingly different shapes – like little sculptures in their own right. Though I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the stripey buds on Ragwort … I shall go take a good look soon 🙂


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