Tiny Landscapes

Just because I usually take macro shots, it doesn’t mean I can’t do landscapes … I just do them on a small scale!

Photos can have foreground and background interest like this one… A tiny caterpillar munching on leaf giving foreground interest and in the background we have ‘rolling hills’ of reddish gold due to a lovely Robin’s Pincushion Gall behind the caterpillar. I can end up with a 3-D type of image just like you would with a true landscape.


Then how about this Leafhopper photo… we have a ‘rolling hill’ in the foreground this time, made from Erica flowers and stems, and the Leafhopper himself is taking centre stage, with a fuzzy background of more Erica. Again a very much 3-D effect going on here with the layers of interest.


I’m learning that macro photography isn’t always about getting as close as you can to an insect and filling the frame with it. Sometimes that’s the right thing, and sometimes it’s better to step back a bit and show the surroundings as well. I’m learning all the time! 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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